The greatest spectacle in online casual fighting game history begins on Level Up! Live 2012

The tournament is open to all players who are present on Level Up! Live 2012 at the World Trade Center, Pasay City and are not a finalist in any Level Up! Live Championship. You and your friends must form a team of 5 members.


Both winners of November 3 and November 4 tournament will have a showdown for the right to become Brawl Buster’s tournament champion!


 Tournament Schedule and Location


Date: November 3, 2012 and November 4, 2012

Location: Level Up! Live: Domination ,World Trade Center, Pasay City




  • Open to all players who are present on Level Up Live 2012 (November 3 and November 4, 2012) at the World Trade Center, Pasay City and are part of a five –man team.
  • Players who are part of any finalist team for other Level Up Live Championships are not allowed to join this tournament.




  • Download the registration form here: CLICK ME
  • Make sure that all important details are filled in.
  • Bring and submit a copy of the following to the registration area on November 3, 2012 and November 4, 2012 from 9:00AM until 12:00NN:
    • Accomplished registration form
    • Photocopy of members’ valid ID (each member should have a photocopy of their ID)
  • Incomplete registration forms and requirements will not be accepted.
  • A player can only belong to one team per day. Example: Player1 is not allowed to register under Team1 and Team 2.
  • Changing of team line-up is no longer allowed once you’ve submitted your registration form.
  • A maximum of 16 teams per day will be accommodated for this tournament.
  • November 4 Registrations submitted on November 3, 2012 will not be accepted. Teams who wish to play on November 4 must be present during the November 4 registration (first come first serve basis).
  • All members of winning team on November 3 (also known as November 3 Winner) are not allowed to join the November 4 Tournament.
  • All details (including pilots – the registered person to play on the tournament) in the submitted registration form are final and will not be allowed to change for the whole duration of this tournament (this includes the final match between November 3 and November 4 winners).


How to join


  1. Attend Level Up Live 2012 on November 3, 2012 and/or November 4, 2012 at the World Trade Center, Pasay City.
  2. Form a 5-man team.
  3. Submit the following documents at the designated registration area for the tournament:
    • Accomplished registration form
    • Photocopy of members’ IDs

*First come, first serve on team names.


Match Tree Per Day


  • Below is a sample match tree of the tournament per day (click image to enlarge)


*This is just a sample match. Actual matches will be generated via on November 3, 2012 and November 4, 2012



Tournament Rules

  • The tournament will run for 2 days. Each day consists a maximum of 16 teams.
  • For fair play, participants will use pre-generated characters. Each account includes all character classes – Blitzer, Boxer, Fire Fighter, Rocker, and Slugger.
  • Teams will be given 5 minutes to set-up their characters and to check the hardware of their PCs.
  • Matches per day will be generated via
  • Rounds:
    • November 3, 2012: all matches consist of 1 round
    • November 4, 2012: all matches consist of 1 round
    • Finals (Nov 3 winner VS Nov 4 winner): Best of 3 race to 2.
    • GameMode will be PVP 5v5 Team Deathmatch.
    • Each round has a duration of only 10 minutes
    • Scoring:
      • The first team to reach 20 kills wins the round.
      • If a team was not able to reach 20 kills, the team with the most number of kills wins this round.
      • In case both teams have equal number of kills, a sudden death match will take place. Sudden death match – the first team to kill 1 member of the opposing team will win that round.
  • Map setting will be set to Random.
  • In the event that a player disconnects, the match will continue. Disconnected player/s must reconnect as soon as possible.
  • Only in the event that both teams have been disconnected to the game will the match be stopped. In this case, the match will restart. Any scores earned prior to the disconnections will not be counted.



Additional Rules

  • Fouls
    • Zoning Foul is defined as moving your character to an unauthorized area or refusing to follow move orders issued by the GM in-game.
    • Skill Foul is defined as using skills in the tournament area before the countdown by the head marshal.
    • Striking Foul is defined as striking any of the GMs in-game.
    • Technical Foul is defined as engaging in any behavior that is unsportsmanlike which includes excessive profanity or violence against property/individuals including the marshals.
    • Decorum Violations which include abandoning the computer terminal, using a mobile phone or having your mobile phone ringing/buzzing in the tournament area.
    • Fouls will be counted as a participant violation which accumulates and may result in the contestant’s disqualification from the tournament. Maximum foul count is 3. Participants who commit the maximum number of fouls will be removed from the tournament area immediately. His team will have to continue fighting without him.
  • During a match, technical difficulties (i.e. disconnections, mouse issues, etc.) will not be acknowledged while the battle is ongoing. The match will continue.
  • Trash-talking is allowed to an extent but please avoid cursing and throwing profanities during all stages of the tournament.
  • All details (including pilots – the registered person to play on the tournament) in the submitted registration form are final and will not be allowed to change for the whole duration of this tournament (this includes the final match between November 3 and November 4 winners).
  • If at least two members of the team are not in the tournament area 5 minutes after the call time, the entire team will be disqualified and their opponent will be declared as the winner for the match. In case of an emergency, a representative should inform the tournament organizers immediately.
  • Participants are not allowed to use their own peripherals (such as mouse, keyboard, and headset).
  • If issues that are not covered by the existing rules arise, the tournament head and his team will decide on the matter. The decision made by the tournament committee is final and irrevocable. We advise you to ask before doing anything that is not covered by these rules.

Players Responsibilities and Guidelines


  • Players must follow the rules interpretations and guidelines for play set forth by the tournament committee, the Tournament Director, the Head Judge, and other Tournament Officials.
  • Intentional disconnection (ALT F4/Manual DC) will lead to the forfeiture of the match.
  • If at least 2 members of the team failed to arrive during the scheduled match, their opponent will automatically be declared as winner of that match.
  • It is the responsibility of the team to assure / check their internet connection’s performance. Any disconnections due to connection failure / lag or latency will not re-start the match.
  • Players are expected to behave in a respectful and sporting manner at all times. Teams/members of the team exhibiting unruly conduct will be disqualified handing the opposing team the match
  • Players who argue with or fail to follow the instructions of the Tournament Director, head judge or other tournament officials are subject to the appropriate penalties as the case may be.
  • Level Up/Playweb Games Inc. and/or officials of the Tournament Committee reserve the right to suspend or ban a player or guild without prior notice for any reason deemed necessary.
  • The decision of the Referees, Game Masters, and tournament officials ARE FINAL.
  • Level Up/Playweb Games Inc. has the right to expound/clarify/interpret tournament rules depending on circumstances as they see fit for a fair and balanced competitive environment.
  • Level Up/Playweb Games Inc. employees and their relatives up to the 2nd degree of affinity and consanguinity are disqualified from joining any stage of any Level Up Live tournament and any of its sub tournaments.




November 3 and November 4 Winners

  • 1,000 pesos worth of Cash Points per member



  • Php 50, 000 (whole team)



  • Cash Points are not convertible to cash.
  • Awarding of prizes is within 3 weeks after submission of correct information needed for awarding.
  • Prizes will only be awarded to the registered username, character, and server.
  • Prizes not claimed within 60 days will be forfeited with prior approval to the DTI.
  • During the course of the Tournament, Level Up! / Playweb Games Inc. may add some freebies as deemed necessary.


Contact details

You may contact GM Geheimnis regarding any matter concerning the tournament via e-mail at



Per DTI-NCR Permit No. 9170 Series of 2012