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Below are the 20 guilds who will be participating in the Level Up! Live 2013 LU! City:

  • RAN - Syndicate
  • RAN - –MysPhoSa-
  • Ragnarok - Legion of Doom
  • Ragnarok - Sochi’s Haven
  • Ragnarok - Doki Doki !!
  • Ragnarok - †Rune•Midguardians†
  • Ragnarok - [BAD]-Company
  • Ragnarok - Endless
  • Cabal - SixthSense
  • Cabal - LEGENDARY
  • Eligium - Crush ng Campus
  • Rohan -  Mandiribig
  • Grand Chase - Kudos
  • Grand Chase - SOS Brigade
  • Perfect World - Fidelis of Tiger Realm
  • Perfect World - Alliance
  • Perfect World - Lotus Clan
  • Perfect World - Spiders
  • Audition - X~Beat


LU! City brings together the most creative Level Up! gamers in a battle for the most artistic guild booth. Throughout Level Up! Live’s history, hundreds of guilds have participated in this competition to showcase not only their artistry, but also their guild’s uniqueness, camaraderie and fascinating history.


1. Gather your guild members
2. Sell or distribute guild merchandise
3. Recruit new members
4. Showcase the history, story or achievements of your guild


1. Email the following requirements to GM Raven and GM Faith at

o Illustration with description of your booth’s concept/design
o Items to be sold at the booth with pricing for each

2. Include in your email the following information:

o Level Up! Game of Choice
o Guild Name
o Guild Leader (Real Name)
o Mobile Number
o Email Address

3. Only 20 guilds with the best proposals will be given a slot and a free booth at Level Up! Live 2013, so please make sure your illustration and descriptions are done in the most excellent way possible. We will also take into consideration the novelty/uniqueness of the items you will be selling, as well as their affordability.
4. Please submit your guild’s proposal on or before June 10, 2013.
5. We will contact you to inform you of the briefing, ingress and egress schedules if your guild qualifies.


1. All participating guilds must be at the event venue in the designated ingress date and time provided by the Level Up! organizers. Those who fail to set up their booth on schedule will automatically be disqualified and will not be eligible for any prize. There will be no reservations or “saving of place” during ingress. Choice of booth is based on a first-come, first-served basis. A member of the guild must be present in the venue at all times during ingress.
2. Level Up! will provide a 2 meters x 2 meters space and standard frame for the booths. All other materials must be provided by the participants. Thumb tacks, nails, staple wires and other such items should not be used to attach props to the frames. If this happens, penalties for damaged frames will be charged to the guild leader in behalf of his guild.
3. All construction and dismantling requirements including materials, manpower, transportation and meals will be c/o the participants.
4. The following items are not allowed to be installed in the booths or carried around the venue: glass bottles, cans, guns, knives and other pointed objects, laser pointers, illegal drugs, and any flammable objects (i.e. lighter, matches, candles, firecrackers, etc.)

5. Guilds can sell items except plushies (stuffed toys) and ID lanyards.
6. Qualified guilds will be given three (3) exhibitor IDs for use during the event day and egress. Exhibitor IDs are not required during ingress.
7. Participating guilds are not allowed to dismantle or “pack up” while the event is ongoing. Booths will only be taken down during the designated egress schedule. Participants who will not follow this rule will automatically be disqualified and will not be eligible for any prize.
8. Submission of proposals is until June 10, 2013 only. The list of qualified guilds will be announced on June 14, 2013 at the Level Up! website.
9. By joining this competition, participants confirm that they are able to attend the following –

o TBA – LU! City Guild Booth Competition Briefing
o July 5 – Ingress
o July 6 – Event Day and egress

10. Judges’ decision is final.
11. The winning group can claim one in-game grand prize package from one game only.
12. Qualifying groups can claim one in-game consolation prize package from one game only.
13. The use of illegal substances such as alcohol and drugs during ingress and during the actual event is strictly prohibited. Violation of this rule will result in the immediate disqualification from the competition and removal from the event grounds.
14. All participants must comply with the security measures and registrations set by Level Up! and its event organizers.
15. All participants will be subject to security checks and all bags/packages will be inspected. Non-compliance will result in denial of entry inside the venue.
16. Level Up! will not be responsible for any items lost or damaged before, during or after the event.
17. Proper dress code must be strictly observed. Wearing of sandos and slippers will not be allowed during the actual event.
18. Strictly NO SMOKING inside the venue.


• Creativity and Originality – 40%
(This measures how unique your design is, what kind of design elements you put in and how they relate to your game or your guild)
• Artistry and Workmanship – 30%
(This measures how your materials and design elements are created or crafted artistically)
• Visual Appeal and Overall Impact – 30%
(How the concept and the design elements come together as a whole to create a visually stunning work of art)


• In-game items will also be awarded 1 month (30 days) after the Level Up! Live 2013 culminating event.

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Q: What is the height of the booth and is there a booth ceiling?
A: No ceiling. The booth is 8ft high.

Q: Will there be tables and chairs provided for each booth?
A: Yes. One table and two chairs.

Q: Can we bring wire mesh/chicken wire for the ceiling or wall since we are not allowed to attach props to the frames?
A: Ok with wiremesh for the walls, but not for the ceiling. You will need to bring your own props and frames if you have a ceiling decoration.

Q: How many electrical sockets and what is the max watts for our booth?
A: We will provide 1 unit of 3gang outlet – maximum of 15amps load capacity

Q: Can we bring construction materials inside the venue such as paints, brushes, hammers and nails?
A: No. To prevent spilling any material in the venue’s floor, please construct and color your materials beforehand.

Q: Can we bring food during set-up since we know food is not allowed inside during the event itself?
A: During set-up yes, but you have to observe proper disposal of trash after eating.

Q: Where can we store our items (for sale) since it will be a 2-day event?
A: No storage will be provided. You can bring the items every event day, before 7am.

Q: Will there be free parking for participants?

A: None.

E-mail GM Faith or GM Raven at for further inquiries.


Per DTI NCR Permit No. 1224 Series of 2013